Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New House: A Few Highlights

One of the best things about this new house deal is how SOON we are moving! It is only 6 weeks away! I need to wrap my head around this (and everything that needs doing before then!) since my last two house purchases had long closing dates - about 5 or so months. It's so exciting moving into a new place, and even better when the wait is short. 

I thought I would post a few photos of the new place that I took with my iPhone during our home inspection. I don't want to show TOO much since the house is obviously still filled with someone else's stuff, which seems wrong to post for some reason. I will just show a few things that I am excited about. 

1. The Outside: The outside is lovely. I love that the gardens are really low-maintenance. When I used to landscape for my summer job, I swore I would never live in a home with hedges or shrubs that needed pruning. Well... I remembered why when I moved into our current place. Shrubs/hedges galore! Needless to say, I'm excited to live somewhere where I will have little use for my pruning shears.

The backyard is quite nice, and bigger than it looks in this picture. It has a gas fire-pit, which I am so excited about. Our campfire pit at our first house is the one of the things I miss the most. Many great times will be had here.

2. The front porch: Ah-mazing. 

3. The kitchen: When I read on the listing that the kitchen was updated (before seeing the place), I was a bit worried. I am very particular in what I like in a kitchen, and have seen some pretty low-quality "upgraded" kitchens during previous house tours. I was relieved and excited to find that the cabinets are shaker-style, and a quality maple. I love it. It is in a cherry stain. While I have always loved a white kitchen, the stain looks nice and will likely stay. 

4. The original details: There are quite a few original details in the house, including stained-glass windows, beautiful wood floors throughout, and even a pocket door!

5. The upstairs bathroom: Again, I have seen a few 'updated' bathrooms before that were not at all my style. Everything about this bathroom, however, is my dream bathroom - glass shower, beautiful tile floors and walls, heated floors, a low-flow toilet, storage... heaven. I wish I had a better photo, but you get the idea.

Of course, the biggest highlight is this house's location. It is a short walk to almost everything for us. I will be giving a more detailed tour in 6 weeks or so when we move in! I can't wait! For now I guess I should go and prune the hedges...

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