Sunday, June 2, 2013

Henry at 4 months

Henry is 4 months old!

This has definitely been a big month for us. Henry is starting to do so many neat things!
Top of the list: Sleeping through the night! I know... we are so lucky. He still wakes up a couple of times a week, but most of the time he goes down at 8:30 and sleeps until almost 6:00. He just started doing it on his own. 

He has also started doing a lot of other fun stuff; rolling over, laughing, grabbing at things, sitting in his high chair, playing with toys, and actually enjoying walks in the stroller. It has been good. (If you watch the video below... feel free to stop watching after his first roll. Unless you want to watch the entire thing... but it is kind of repetitive. Ha.)

Of course, it isn't always easy... there are days that challenge me big time. But I am starting to feel like I'm getting the hang of things, and starting to trust myself a little more in this "Mum" role. 

Henry is getting cuter and cuter. I love my little guy!

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