Monday, June 17, 2013


I'm sure some of you have been wondering what is going on with our house. I mean... we listed it for sale about a month ago, and I have been pretty quiet about it since then.

The great news: Our house is sold!
The scary news: Our house is sold! And this is scary because the closing date is August 7th, and we still haven't found a new home.

Let me first tell you how things went down. We actually got the offer on this house shortly after listing. However, it was conditional on the buyers selling their house, which ended up taking a little while in this finicky market. We are happy because the buyers are really in love with the house and neighborhood, and we also got what we hoped to financially.

It is becoming a bigger and bigger possibility that Joe and I won't be able to find our downtown home before this house closes. We knew that this might happen when we decided to sell before buying. That being said, we hoped that the right house would come up. I know, there is still almost 2 months to find that home... but we are definitely not going to settle for any old house.

We decided going into this that we would wait for the *perfect* home - for us - and that settling for something else was not an option. We settled for the wrong house a year and a half ago when we bought our current home, and you know what happened there! Needless to say, we don't want to make that same mistake again.

The tricky thing is that in the month since we've listed... there have been NO houses of ANY interest in our desired location. And quite honestly, there have been very few of interest in the couple of years our eyes have been on that area.

We definitely need to make some decisions in the meantime about where we will be going if we ARE homeless on August 7th. We are fortunate enough to have had a few different offers of places to stay (with family). If we do have a place lined up and some overlap, we would consider this option.

However, being vagrant vegans with a young baby doesn't make us the easiest house guests, so we likely won't take this option without a definite timeline, or at least not for too long. That being said, we may be entering back into the renter's world for a little while. Although this is not ideal, we are definitely ok with that if need be! We have our eye on one apartment currently. It is strange to think about renting after owning for a few years. So it goes. Wish us luck!

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