Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer in Ontario

Since Joe and I are both teachers, we have the luxury of having a long, scheduled time off together each summer. As many of you know, we  have taken full advantage of this the past 2 summers by going on amazing trips. Right now, the count-down is definitely on with only 2 more weeks of school before summer holidays.

Our first big trip together was two summers ago to South America. We travelled through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina over 6 weeks. It was amazing, and intense, and took up most of our summer. We saw Machu Picchu, the Bolivian Salt Flats, did a bunch of hiking and much more. It was incredible.

Last summer we headed to Europe (Joe had never been!). We spent some time in France, Belgium and Germany. We even stayed a few days with my host family from my year in France. It was the best! I was also in my first trimester of pregnancy at the time, so an easier trip was perfect... although it was hard to pass up the beer and wine!

This summer, we are not going on a big trip. A few factors made this decision. First, obviously, is that we have a baby. Don't get me wrong, we had dreams of one last trip while Henry is easily portable, but it just didn't make sense in the end. Secondly, with selling our home, it just didn't make financial sense this year. 

All of that being said, I am SO EXCITED to spend the summer in Ontario! Traveling is great, but there is almost nothing better than a summer spent here. I love the long days, patios, cottages, camping, barbeques, hiking, campfires, warm days and cool nights. We are going to attempt camping with Henry. I think we'll start with a 1-night trip and go from there, depending on how it goes. And it'll be nice to enjoy our pool for one last summer :)

What are you looking forward to this summer?

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