Thursday, June 20, 2013

On the move

It seems that a few of the home/decor blogs I follow are also in the midst of buying and selling their homes. I find it funny, since everything on their blogs is so relevant.

Three in particular are at different stages of the moving process.

Over at Making it Lovely, their are currently at the staging/selling stage.

At Little Green Notebook, they are in the "we've bought a house" stage.

And at Young House Love, they have just moved in to their new place! They also went over, in detail, the process of selling and searching for a new home.

I am definitely happy to be done the staging/selling stage, and looking forward to (hopefully) buying, and moving into a house! It is very exciting, and nerve-wracking, to be looking for a home. Regardless of what we find, we are moving in less than 7 weeks. Crazy!


  1. Congrats! It must feel good to get a move on. Oi, we've just begun to consider the selling process. The prospect is exciting and inevitably exhausting!

    1. Yes.... Definitely exciting AND exhausting. But worth it in the end!