Friday, January 27, 2012


Some of you may have been wondering...why isn't our house up for sale? Or at least, why haven't I been mentioning it? I mean, isn't this time sensitive?! an amazing twist of fate, We Sold Our House!!!

I know!! Isn't it crazy? And awesome?!
Let me go back and tell you how this happened.
About 10 days ago, I wrote this post, talking about how thrilled we were to have bought a new house! When I wrote this, I was excited, but also anxious at the idea that our house wasn't even up for sale.

Little did I know, but my lovely friend, Shannon, and her husband, Kyle, had been perusing through my blog and were feeling a little interested in our current house. They had been looking to buy their first home, and ours had everything they were looking for. They wanted a century home with a big backyard that didn't need a ton of updating (which is exactly what we had to offer!)

About an hour after posting about our new place, Joe and I were looking into options for selling our house when I received a message from Shannon asking if our house was for sale. A couple of days later, her and Kyle were walking through, and putting in an offer!

It all seemed a little too good to be true. But, tonight they came through with a home inspector, and they decided that they were, indeed, going through with it!

We are so excited! And we are also excited about WHO is moving in! It's their first home! So great! Plus, I know they are going to love it as much as we have (and we may even get to see what it looks like once they've done it in their style!)

When it was all said and done, we cracked the champagne to celebrate selling our first home, and for Shannon and Kyle buying their first! What an exciting day!

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