Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Project #2

My second mini-project this week has proven to be much more work than I expected. I planned on having my new linen cabinet up and being used by now. Unfortunately, 2 days and 4 coats of paint later, it is still drying on our basement floor.

The first problem was that I decided to use paint that we had in our paint collection. It was actually left by our home's previous owners. The paint was not only eggshell (instead of semi-gloss, which would have looked WAY better) but it also seemed to be a bit thin. Which is why it needed so many layers.

The second problem encountered was one that we were aware of when we purchased the cabinet. The legs were very wobbly. I discovered that the screws underneath were loose, but the threading was pretty much gone in the wood. Every time I tried to tighten on the legs they would inevitably loosen again. So, I decided to try and make new grip by pushing the screws into the leg even further. It seems pretty good so hopefully it will hold up!

My goal is to have this installed in the bathroom by tomorrow!


  1. Cool cabinet! The yellow was there? I have all sorts of DIY project ideas for our 130-year old house, but am not the person to take them on. Wish you lived next door!

  2. I did change the paint colour, although it did end up looking a little like the original colour. It's a bit more lime greenish in person.