Monday, January 2, 2012

Projects for the week

Since I still have a week of holidays, I have a goal to get a few little projects done.

My first project was minimizing the draft of cold air that comes from our unheated 3-season room. For the past 2 weeks, we've had a towel propped up by the door to block the draft, comme ça:

As you can see, there once was a draft blocking door shoe which must have been removed during the summer renovations. So, we got a new one, and I installed it this morning. Since the door is smaller than most, I also had to saw a piece of the door shoe off, which proved to be the most challenging part of the task. And here it is...hopefully this will solve the draft problem and help with the energy efficiency of our home.

Unfortunately, this creates a new project...I was hoping the door shoe would cover the old screw holes but they do not. I may need to repaint the door.

Another project I have on the go is re-painting a second hand piece of furniture Joe and I bought this week for $10. Here it is:

 We thought it would be great to use as a linen closet in our upstairs bedroom. (As I may have mentioned before, perhaps the biggest flaw of our house is the serious lack of storage).

My plan is to paint it white. I am, however, considering painting the back of the shelves in a different colour, like in the two examples below:

We'll see. More to come!

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