Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our First House

Joe and I have still been seriously looking for a new home. Before I did that, I thought it would be a good idea to do a little tour of our current (and first!) home, with all of its quirks!

Most people who visit us love our house, and we do, too! However, after living here for a year and a half, we're realizing that a century home, while beautiful and full of character, isn't necessarily our dream home long term.

Unfortunately the photos aren't great, but you'll get the idea. We have been "de-cluttering" our home to make it sale-ready, in the case that we do find our dream home any time soon. This way, we'll be ready to sell our home very quickly.

As you enter from our front door, you are greeted by our tall ceilings and equally tall (and steep!) staircase. You can see ahead our dining area, which is open to the kitchen. It's really neat to have a seemingly "open-concept" home, which is in fact over 100 years old.

To the left is our parlour. I love all of the tall windows... another perk of having an old home like this.

The kitchen is next. It is a lovely oak kitchen with tons of storage. If I was to have long term plans for this house, I would find a way to make it white...I'm always dreaming of my white kitchen.

Behind the kitchen, there was an addition added to the home in the 70's, which includes a bathroom, another bedroom (making this a 4-bedroom home) and a storage/sun room. (You can read more about the sunroom here.) After much work on our part, it is all updated and looks great! The addition now has new walls and insulation, new windows, a new roof and even a new eavestrough.

Upstairs, there are technically 3 bedrooms. I find this debatable, though, since one of the "bedrooms" is only about 9 by 8 ft and has no closet. We use this as our office room.

Bedroom #2 is also missing a closet. Luckily for us, we aren't in need of too much storage space these days with just the two of us. There is also some strange writing on the wall from the previous owners, who used this as a nursery. Since we don't use this room much, I've never felt the urge to cover it up.

Although it DOES have a closet, the master bedroom is the strangest of them all. For some reason, the previous owners installed a bathtub IN the bedroom. There is an ensuite bath attached, right behind the tub, where the walls could have been placed differently to include the tub. It will forever be a mystery to me why they chose to do it this way. Most people who have had our house tour either "love it" or "hate it". I tend to wish it wasn't a part of the bedroom, but have gotten used to it. Again, if I had long-term plans to stay here, the tub would become a part of the bathroom.

Our yard is massive. I'm talking 230 ft. long. Unfortunately the best shot I have of it at the moment was taken through the office window after our first snowfall. You get the idea. It goes back past the big tree. We've had some great campfire gatherings in that backyard!

Those are the highlights. I'm choosing not to show our creepy, stone basement. If you really want to see it, you'll have to come by!


  1. Each older house has so much character, but they are all so different. I love it! Where is your place? What town?

    1. Thanks! We live in Downtown Kitchener.