Sunday, January 29, 2012

The New Digs!

Obviously, our new place (along with selling our current place - Check!) has been taking over my thoughts. Now that the deal is firm and we're working towards figuring out exactly when the closing will be, I wanted to post some photos of our new place, so that you have a better idea what I'm rambling on about all the time!

The house is adorable. Of course, I am dying to get in and make *a few* changes to the decor (aka: repaint most rooms, and the kitchen!) As much as I am a fan of yellow, which can be light and airy and brightens any room, I don't necessarily want it in EVERY room. So, that will be one of the first changes. Luckily, the house is carpet-free, and mostly hardwood (my favourite!), so flooring won't need changing anytime soon.

And here is the house :) I will most likely be giving another, very different tour in a few months when we actually get possession! Some of the pictures are from the site where we found it, and some we took ourselves.

The front of the house is very quaint. It has dormer windows and very nicely kept shrubs. After being a landscaper through university, I swore I would never live in a house that had shrubs that needed pruning. And here I am, months away from just that. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this...

The entryway: Dining/Living room to the left, sitting area to the right, kitchen straight ahead. *I love their carpets! Alas, they do not come with the house.

To the right is probably my favourite room in the house. If you've been reading my blog at all, you probably know why: The fireplace! I love fireplaces, and think this one is particularly pretty! We will probably have a similar set-up, with the dining table at the back, but will have more of a sitting area in the front half. (Please look past all of the fur...)

To the left of the entrance is another sitting area. Technically, this is the dining area. We prefer the idea of having two separate sitting rooms. The room is much bigger than it appears...that is just one huge sectional!

Of course, at the end of the hall is the kitchen. It has almost all new appliances and granite countertops. Joe and I aren't really fans of the cupboards, and are trying to figure out how we can repaint the and make them look a bit more our style. The kitchen also looks over the gorgeous backyard, which is a bonus.

The basement is fully finished, and has neat tile floors. Again...look past the fur. There is also a finished bedroom, a full bathroom and a laundry room. 

We think we might keep the basement bathroom just the way it is for a while :) Or not...

Up the stairs there are three more bedrooms. The first is the master bedroom. It is pretty awesome, and has a walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom. I love the dormer windows! 

The ensuite.

Bedroom number two.

 Bedroom number three, currently being used as an office. We will probably use one of the bedrooms as an office for the meantime, until we need more space :)

A view of the upstairs landing.

Of course, the backyard was probably the selling feature of the house for us. It is really big and private (fully fenced), and has a pool and a hot-tub! This will be where we spend our summers :)

Those are most of the highlights! We are really excited. The hardest part will be waiting to move in!


  1. This is also where I will be spending my summers.....!

  2. Holy yard, I think I'm in love! Looks awesome, soooo excited for you:)