Sunday, April 1, 2012

Patio Furniture

Oh my!
It has been over a week since my last post.

I can hardly believe it. I could blame it on the fact that I spent 2 nights starting and then finishing the Hunger Games. (A must read!) Or then watching the movie for another evening. Or I could blame it on the fact that I've been uber exhausted lately. And work has been crazy. And I have been trying to be active.

But in reality, the real culprit is a case of writer's block!
I am still stuck in the "limbo" state, where I am simply waiting to move. It is only 7 more weeks at this point, but it has been putting a serious damper on things to write about.

Anyhoo...since the past few weeks have been unseasonably warm, and our new backyard is large and lovely, I have been thinking a little bit about patio furniture. My Dad has kindly offered to buy us a set for our wedding. But my question is, should I get a set without cushions? Or a set with them? See examples of each below:

I've asked around and there are pros and cons to both types.

For example: Patio furniture with cushions is super comfy, but requires a lot of care in taking the cushions on and off in case of bad weather. You would probably also need a place to store the cushions, like a deck box. However, the trade off may be worthwhile in that I plan on spending a lot of time in our backyard, and hopefully hosting many friends and family, so the extra comfort is a bonus.

The sets without cushions, however, are also quite comfy, but you don't need to be constantly worrying about cushions. I don't mind the look of either. Of course, I don't actually plan on getting a new set until we are moved into our new place.

So, any thoughts or experiences that could help me to decide?


  1. I've had both kinds and find the cushions to be more of a pain than they are worth. If you're away and forget the cushions and they get wet even just once, they are water-marked and stained...and can get moldy...we're currently looking for a non-cushioned set. Can't wait to see what you choose!

    1. Thanks for the advice! I will take your thoughts into consideration :)