Sunday, April 15, 2012

Europe Bound!

Can you believe that in all of the madness of packing to move, Joe and I found time to plan a trip?!

Well, we did!
Last night we booked our flights, our hostels, and our train passes. We are officially heading to Europe this summer!

This is Joe's first Europe trip, which is pretty exciting. I have more experience, having lived in France for a year through University and having done a couple of other trips as well. I'm excited to show Joe through some of my favourite places, and seeing a few new ones, too!

We will be spending a few days in Paris, and then a few days with my wonderful host family near Nantes, France. After that, we will head North to Belgium, and then to Southern Germany to finish it off. Altogether we will be in Europe for 16 days in July.

I have felt a little stressed at the idea of a trip in the midst of our many expenses right now (new house that needs some work, new car, need to new furniture, etc). But I think I just need to remember how it feels to be in Europe in order to feel good about it. To sum it up, this picture embodies how I feel when I'm in Europe.

I'm getting excited :)

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