Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Time!

The end of our 4-day Easter weekend is fast approaching.
Joe and I did the usual: Visiting family and friends, dying easter eggs, eating way too much sweets, and enjoying the springtime weather.

A few other exciting things happened this weekend (along with one NOT so exciting thing).

1. Joe turned 29! His birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year. Next year he'll be 30...whoa!

2. I started running again. I plan on doing a 5k race in June with Joe's family and thought I should train a bit. My legs hurt.

3. We officially started packing for our move! We have the basement almost emptied out, and both spare bedrooms packed up. One of them is now serving as a storage room:

4. While going through things and packing, we pulled out a lot of things that we could sell or donate. So far, we sold Joe's old guitar and made $150, and sold a bunch of old books and made $36. Not bad! Also, while we were dropping off our many boxes of donations, I picked up this chandelier that I hope to do something fun with in the future :) It was free!

5. And the not-so-exciting. This weekend we said goodbye to one of our furry friends, Beau. Yes, the sweet kitty that loved to make appearances on my blog, like this:

When Joe and I came home from work on Thursday, he had been sick and was straining to pee (and going wherever he was). We brought him into the emergency vet expecting to need to buy him some medication, but things were much more serious than we thought. It ends up he had a blockage that would have cost about $2000 to fix and there was no guarantee that the surgery would work! He had medical problems that would last his entire life and he would need a special diet and potentially further surgeries. It was an extremely difficult (and sad!) decision to have to make but we had to give him up. It was too much for us to take on. He was a great cat, and handsome, and very loving and I will miss him.

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