Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bathroom Inspiration

I love glass showers. I dream of having one eventually. The problem in our new place is that the main bathroom upstairs is narrow and fairly small, so having a glass shower would mean potentially NOT having a tub in the bathroom. Considering Joe and I hope to start a family in the future, having a main bathroom with no bath could be a problem.

Today on Pinterest, however, I found a glass shower/bathtub combo that looks great! Here it is:

I LOVE the blue tile in the back of the shower. I don't necessarily like that the door only covers half of the length of the tub, as this would probably create many puddles over time. I also love the narrow linen closet beside it.

At our new place, there is only space for a shower/tub combo, sink and toilet. So this could work great!
Maybe bathroom reno's will be closer in the future than I realise :)

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