Friday, November 1, 2013

Henry at 9 months

Today, Henry is 9 months old! And it was harder than ever to get a good shot of him...

If I could describe his month in one word, it would be BUSY!!

Looking for some trouble to get into!
Henry is on the move... always. He is doing the army crawl, standing beside tables and couches, trying to take steps (with help, of course), trying to pull himself up on things, opening drawers and doors, turning on lights, and exploring everything... it has been busy, but it is such a fun age.

Playing with my toys.
Checking out all of the fallen leaves
All of this playing makes me dirty, Mum!
This month Henry had his first Thanksgiving and his first Halloween! He also, unfortunately, suffered his first bad cold. But he's all better now! Here are a few highlights!
I got to spend Thanksgiving with Nanny's great big family at the cottage! It was the highlight of the month.

Thanksgiving Hike
I ate Thanksgiving dinner by the lake. I am a lucky boy!
My pumpkin
I have LOVED all of the leaves this fall. So fun!
My Family - October 2013
I love the park more and more!
I love bedtime stories!

It was a zoo on Halloween!
Daddy taking me out trick-or-treating!

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