Monday, November 18, 2013

2nd Annual Christmas Crafting Weekend

You might remember that last year, my Mum had my two sisters and I over for a Christmas Crafting weekend. Well, this year, she invited along her sister, Corinne, my two cousins, Kristen and Lisa, and my brother's girlfriend, Micaela. We had SUCH a blast! We each brought a craft to share with the group, and worked on them all weekend. It was a huge success, and I love all of the crafts that I got to bring home! 
Of course, we found most of our inspiration from Pinterest. For example, this was the craft I brought:

I love the yellow so much that it "inspired" me to do yellow as well.
Here are some of the other beautiful crafts I made! It was so much fun, and definitely got me in the Christmas spirit!

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