Friday, August 23, 2013

Our New House Tour

It is definitely time that I give the tour of our new place! We have been here for about 2 1/2 weeks and are feeling settled. This house makes us happy. Just to warn you... this will be a long-and-mostly-pictures post! 

Of course, these are the "before" pictures. We have a lot of ideas of projects for this house. However, for now we will likely be holding off on most of them until we get more of a feel for the house. We actually don't mind most of the paint colours and they seem to match our style well enough. Except for Henry's room, which needs some patching and repainting soon since we had to take down some shelving in order to fit his furniture.

Main Floor
Entryway: We love the original wood trim and the stained glass. We bought the wardrobe off of Kijiji last week since there is no closet. 

The Kitchen: I originally didn't love the colour of the cabinets, appliances or the countertops when we bought the place. But it has all grown on me! It is such a great, functional kitchen.

Mudroom: Off of the kitchen there is an addition leading to the backyard. We currently don't really have much of a use for it but are thinking of eventually putting in a powder room. 

Living/Dining Room: Like our last place, there is one long living/dining room. The difference here is that we don't have a second sitting room. We don't mind... it was honestly just wasted space in our last place since we seemed to favour one room over the other. It is a much cozier size. 

Upper Level

Henry's Room: These aren't the best pictures... I had to sneak in quickly with my phone while he wasn't taking a nap!

Computer Room/ Dressing Room: This doubles as both. What you can't see is the large wardrobe on the other side of the room. Also - This is one of my least favourite colours in the house, so may change soon.

Guest Bedroom: This is maybe my favourite bedroom! Unfortunately the closet was too small for Joe and I, so we took a different room as our own. 

Master Bedroom: It is definitely a downsize from our last room. All that means to us is less wasted space!

Bathroom: It is perfect. I won't change anything! I am glad the previous owner did such a great job.

The Attic

Yet another thing I am thankful the previous owner finished. It isn't currently really set-up. We have dreams of turning it into a TV room, or maybe one day a master bedroom.

The Basement
Another finished space. We are currently using it as a play room, and the bathroom as Henry's bathroom. It definitely needs some work. 

The Exterior

The Front:

The Front Porch: Our favourite part of the house.

The Backyard: I have big ideas for the backyard, but they might not happen for a few years. For now, it is still a nice space. 

We are so excited to be living here. 

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