Thursday, August 1, 2013

Henry at 6 months

Henry is a half of a year old! Crazy.

This has been another big month. And probably the fastest month so far. I feel like I just wrote the 5 month post.

Taking Henry's 6-month photo was pretty funny... for every photo like this: 

There were about 10 of these! He was squealing the whole time in excitement. 

I personally have really enjoyed this past month since Joe has been home full-time. What have we been up to with Henry, you might ask?

Going to the cottage


Jolly Jumping... Henry's new favourite activity.

Checking out our new place. We move in next week! Yikes!

Eating his first solid foods. He wasn't so sure at first, but is a great eater already!


 And general relaxing.

It has been a great summer month. I'm pretty sad to think summer is half over. On a more exciting note, only 6 days until we take possession of our new place. More to come on that soon! Can't wait!!

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