Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our final day.

Today is our last day in our current home.

Although we are very excited to move on to our dream location, there are definitely some bittersweet feelings here.

We redid this entire home, spending hours turning it into our own. Deep down, I love this house even if I don't love the location. It is a reflection of so much work and has become a place that only reminds me of our family. It is also the house we brought Henry home to. It has been where we have fumbled around to figure out this parenthood thing. So many great memories in this past year and a half, and particularly in the past 6 months.

Tonight we are staying with my sister so that everything can be packed and ready for the morning. So, that means I'm off to disconnect the internet. We're being reconnected in a couple of days (if all goes as planned) and I'll try my best to update on our new home. Wish us luck!

Goodbye, house!

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