Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2 weeks in!

It has been exactly 2 weeks since our moving day! And let me tell you, we are so happy with our new neighbourhood. Moving day was a fluke-thundery-humid-downpour kind of day, but everything went smoothly thanks to our friends and family who helped out. We are so grateful to them.

Our new home is exactly what we wanted. Our neighbours are very friendly, and there are often kids playing in the street (and even sometimes in our backyards!) One of our neighbours described it as a “front-porch community”, and it is so true. Everyone is visible which makes it easier to meet and get to know your neighbours. 

We even had one neighbour who made us a welcome gift using rocks and driftwood she collected at Lake Erie. It is Joe, Henry and I! It was so thoughtful, and I love it! 

Speaking of front-porch communities, we have definitely been spending all of our meals and down time on our front porch. It is the best.

There is a definite difference from our last home. While we did have friends in our last neighbourhood and people were nice for the most part, something just didn’t sit right after we moved in (I know, I mentioned that before when I explained why we were moving). Our new home, however, feels perfect. I can definitely foresee us here for the long run, and that is exciting! No more quick turnarounds on houses for us. We’re sick of paying lawyers, realtors, land transfers and address changes (etcetera, etcetera) anyway!

Lucky for us, we have been able to unpack and organize everything since we are both of for the summer. We’ve even made a few day trips to the beach and visiting friends and family! And we hope to do a little more of that before Joe returns to work.

I will be posting our new house tour soon. 

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