Monday, September 2, 2013

Henry at 7 months

Our Henry (aka Henny, Hen, Bubba, cutie pie, etc. etc.) is 7 months old!
This past month has been so much fun with Henry. And busy! We moved into our new place, which took a bit of time to get used to for him. He's finally seeming to feel at home, which is awesome!

As you can see... our move meant that we had to give away our blue couch, so we will be doing his monthly shots on our white one, instead.

We spent this month unpacking, enjoying our new locale and checking out the neighborhood parks, going to the beach, spending time with family and friends and going to the cottage. Henry even attended his first wedding (congrats Andrew and Danielle! We loved joining you on your perfect day!) It was a relaxing month for sure. 

Henry's bigger achievements this month: Sitting on his own, *almost* sleeping nights again, eating a lot more foods and becoming a lot more social. Oh, and he got his first tooth! Enjoy a few photos from his past month!

One of the last days at our last home. Enjoying the backyard.
Still getting used to our new home: Up waaay past bedtime! 
Enjoying our new front porch!
Celebrating his cousin, Spencer's, 1st birthday!
Spending some QT with his birthday buddy, Uncle Mike!
The Kelly side
First visit to the beach... not so sure about the lake water!
Ok... SO FUN!
Cottage swimming on the dock!

Sitting on his own!

Ready to go to his first wedding! And looking pretty dapper!
Making a new friend.

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