Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Update

As usual, we have been busy around here!
There are a few projects that I haven't written about yet... although some of them happened a while back! (Time flies in the fall as a teacher... so busy!)

Here are a few things we have done lately:

1. Painted the exterior garage and front door.
In case you forgot, when we moved in the doors and garage were painted in a 'lovely' rusty brown.
Summer 2012
I had originally planned on painting the front door a fun colour. However, it was quicker and easier (for now) to just pick one colour. I also found it hard to choose a colour to go with the odd greyish-white brick that we have. I opted for a greige (grey-beige) colour, and I am pretty happy with the result! It really modernized the house. Here she is! (I also pruned the shrubs and got rid of some weeds and rose bushes in the front...). I just need something to decorate the front door!

(Note: The pretty fall leaves in the background! I love fall!)
The pretty fall planter my Aunt Nancy bought us. Unfortunately it got neglected during the first 2 weeks of school and the mums turned brown. I am hoping they come back!
2. Waaaay back in June, Joe and I ordered some awesome Canadian-made furniture at a store called Shreiters in Kitchener. Little did we know that it would take over 2 months for the furniture to be made and brought to our house! We were a little disappointed, but LOVE the furniture now that it is finally here. We put it in our fireplace room and it is ready for some fall decorating. It is looking a little blah.. we are in the process of finding some nice accessories (ex. pillows!) to liven it up and tie it all in. (These pictures are not the greatest...oops!) Oh, and we got a new rug, too! And new curtains... I guess we've done more than I realized.

Our awesome and massive needs some pillows!

3. Remember the special fountain from our backyard?

That we removed and turned into a pile of dirt?

Well, I finally got around to seeding it. And it is getting there! After 2 weeks of watering (and loving any rain we get!) it is starting to fill in. I'm pretty excited about it and can't wait to have a regular, dirt-pile-free lawn!


4. Still growing a baby! Only 18 weeks to go. I have been having some crazy preggo dreams though. In my most recent, I had a baby that looked just like Joe...but baby sized. It was sooo creepy! 

5. We have been busy with other things, too. But I'm not ready to show you just yet :) We've painted the nursery, replaced the blinds in all of the bedrooms, and bought paint for them. And we've been cooking up a storm. Stews have been on the menu lately :) 

Ok, that is all for now! Hopefully life will be a little less busy in the upcoming weeks so I have more time for updating. Have a good week! 

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