Tuesday, February 28, 2012


As our closing date is slowly and painfully approaching, I am getting antsy about decorating our new place. I am constantly on Pinterest putting together ideas.

While I'm not sure we'll buy much furniture before moving, I do feel ok with getting some of the smaller things that I have been dreaming of.

One of these things is white bedding.
Last year, Joe and I went out to Ikea in search of a new duvet cover. I had full plans of buying a white duvet cover, since I have wanted one for a long time. When we were there, however, my colour-loving side ruled and for some reason we ended up buying a floral-patterned cover, seen below:

And in person in one of our spare bedrooms:

While it is pretty, it was not what I dreamed of.
So finally, I got my white duvet cover!

I love it because it can stay neutral if I feel like it:

Or I can add a bit of colour for my colour-loving side. Which usually wins. Yep, this is how our bedroom looks right now (below). Love it! In our new place, I will be switching our dark wood headboard with the white one seen above in the spare bedroom. We won't need the dresser any longer, and I prefer the look of the white headboard these days.

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