Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Decorating Personality

Having bought our new house, I'm often (perhaps obsessively?) thinking about paint colours and furniture I might want for our new place. It's fun because it's almost like an empty canvas in that we have plans of making some major colour changes when we move in. (And some bigger changes down the road...) We also don't have enough furniture for our new place, as we are going from having only one sitting room to three.

I've been thinking a lot about my decorating style, and other decorating styles as well. I have narrowed my style down to a mixture of 3 different styles...I like to take a bit from each. Here are my 3 decorating personalities:

1. White, White White: I often complain to Joe because in all of my House & Home magazines, everything is white. White walls, white furniture, white accessories, white kitchens, white bathrooms. But I secretly love the look of a white room. However, I don't think I'd ever go quite so extreme as to have an entirely white room... I think that even warm neutrals make a room more cozy. That being said, I do think every room should have white highlights, in some form.

2: Neutrals: I do love fact, I probably lean towards having neutral bases when it comes to walls. But I do find a room with ONLY neutrals to be a little bland. But they sure do look cozy! I also love neutral furniture, but I realize in my home now all of my chairs and couches are colourful or patterned. I think the next furniture I buy will be more neutral.

3: Colour obsessed: I absolutely LOVE a bold room full of colour. My concern with colour is that what is in style today may be out of style 5 years down the road. While I would love a colourful house, I do need to think about what is more classic (i.e. white and neutrals) that will be in style for years to come. It only makes sense financially and environmentally.

Which brings me to what I have decided is, combined, my decorating personality.
I think what I like is a neutral base with colour added on top through furniture and accessories. A neutral base is always in style...and it's easy to change carpets and throw pillows. Of course, I think that every room should have at least a little bit of white. And I will most likely have a few colourful, non-neutral rooms since paint is relatively cheap and easy to change.

Here are a few rooms I've pinned on Pinterest that I think really compliment my style. (Did I mention that I like tufted sofas?)

There you have it!

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