Thursday, December 1, 2011

My recent addictions

Lately I've been really fixated on 2 things. Let me explain.

The first thing is fitness. Joe and I joined a gym at the end of August with all plans of going 4-5 days a week. We started off strong, but with the start of the school year, things fizzled and suddenly we were lucky to be making it twice a week! I racked my brains for a) why we weren't going (which was obvious: because of extreme fatigue after a day spent with 20 wonderful/high-energy kids might do it!) and b) A solution! At the beginning of November, we had the daylight savings time change. We decided to take this opportunity to start getting up early (yes...about 5:30 early!) to go in the morning. So far so good! I've been making it 4 times during the week, plus weekends. A great feeling. This week, I've been under the weather and I'm hoping my days off won't ruin my regime!

The second obsession lately has been MLS (real estate listings) and my House & Home Magazine. Why? Well...Joe and I have been considering wanting to move for a while now. We're happy in our current place, but with the prospect of babies in the near-but-not-too-near future, we are concerned about a couple of things about our current home. First, the stairs are extremely steep. In fact, just last week Joe tripped over Beau (cat #2) on his way down and fell down the last 8 steps or so. Imagine walking/maneuvering down our steep narrow steps with a lack of sleep and a baby in your arms! Second, our house has a serious lack-of-storage problem. When I bought the place, I overlooked this point, since I was drawn in by the high-ceilings, the large kitchen, huge yard and great neutral colours. After living here for the past 16 months or so, I am really beginning to understand the challenges around a lack of storage. First of all, there are constantly piles of shoes and coats forming around our closet-less entrance. Second, our big bedroom seems not-so-big with the addition of an oversized wardrobe (on top of the tiny closet!) to store Joe's things. There just seems to be constant clutter, and we are constantly searching for a space for things. An abundancy of storage will be a MUST in our next place. And of course...a house built in the 1800's will have it's leaks and cracks and rodents (which we leave up to the cats!) We're just ready for a fresh start.

So, we'll see where this goes. Will keep you posted!

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