Friday, December 16, 2011

Argentinian Inspiration

During our trip in South America this past summer, Joe and I had the opportunity to stay at an Argentinian Estancia for a few days with our group. This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip, despite getting a sore bum from riding the horses there :)

The estancia itself was gorgeous. It was on a HUGE property (I forget exactly how big, but you could probably fit a small city in the land they owned!), and all of the buildings had some serious character. The doorways were rounded and small. There were lots of old stones in the walls and wooden beams revealed in the ceilings. The entire place was completely self-sufficient and ran on wind-power. Of course, pictures speak louder than words, so here you go!

Let's start with the games house (Yes, there was a games house). This included a Kitchen area, a large games and lounging area and a full-bathroom. I LOVED the stone walls and the ruggedness of it. I also loved the marble Belfast style sink in the kitchen.

The kitchens at the estancia were amazing (Yes, again... Kitchens, not just one. This place was massive!) They were each unique. The one below is from the owners' own home, where they invited the group for a  wine tasting. My favourite things about it: How it looks so lived in, the awesome tile on the floors, and the stainless gas oven and the range above it. I mostly love how everything is mismatched and yet somehow goes together so well.

During the Wine Tasting, we were invited into their large dining area. It had awesome doorways and the fireplace at the end of the table was my favourite part. They had a roaring wood fire in it and it felt so cosy!

I also loved the bathrooms. My favourite part about them were the pull-string toilets! They were so neat! If anyone ever finds where to buy this type in Canada, let me know.

And at last, for some art inspiration, I loved their framed fabrics. They framed it in a frame with glass on both sides. Perfect. I reeeally wanted to buy my own fabric to frame, but after getting robbed in Bolivia we were living off of FedExed money and did not have quite enough. Darn!

Of course, many of these styles are dependant on an amazing setting and amazing architecture, which they had. But, I'm sure some of it can serve as inspiration at least!

*Side-note: Please forgive the terrible quality of the photos in this post... they were taken before I had my Nikon :)

*Another side-note: This place was a LARGE exception to the typical South American architecture. It usually looked more like this:

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