Friday, December 23, 2011

6 months :)

December 23rd, 2011
Today marks 6 months since Joe and I got married.

I have so often heard that the first year of marriage is the hardest. I have also heard that divorce most often happens in either year 1 or year 2 of marriage. I have to say it... married life is awesome! It's hard for me to even imagine how these statistics are possible. But I guess I'm just lucky. For me, my first 6 months have been easy. I assume that will continue on because I am still so insanely happy. And as far as I know, Joe is, too!

Since we first met, things have felt "too good to be true" with Joe. I remember at first wondering if there was a catch...he couldn't be so great. And things couldn't be so right! I STILL look at Joe with awe and wonder how I got a guy like THAT! He's kind and generous and thoughtful and hard-working and sensitive and fun and healthy and loving and so on and so on... and on top of all that...I think he's pretty cute! I've never been treated so well by someone. I feel like Joe spoils me. He has this endless and abundant energy and zest for life. He is definitely quirky... but I love him to pieces!  He inspires me to be a better person every day. He has never left me feeling disappointed. I'm still getting used to just. being. happy. No catch.

Here is a picture of the day that life with Joe became official :) I'm looking forward to the next 6 months and the rest of our lives together. Love this guy!!

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