Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let the upgrades continue!

A couple of weeks ago, we had torrential downpour in Kitchener. (In December. Really? And we had it again this week! So strange) Anyway, during this downpour, puddles appeared in our basement. This brought back some awful flooding memories from last spring. So, I ventured out in the rain to find the cause of the problem... and found out that our eavestrough were pretty much falling off of the house, essentially causing a waterfall aimed right at our 150 year old stone foundation! I spent an hour in that very same torrential rain trying to use 2 by 4's to prop up the part that was sagging, unsuccessfully. Did I mention this happened while I was off on a sick day? Not the restful day I had signed up for!

So, I looked on good ol' Kijiji and found a guy who came today and replaced them. $600 later, they are as good as new! (Yeah...I preferred paying for this one... didn't feel like experimenting with eavestrough replacement in December!) We have now redone almost the ENTIRE addition of this house, (roof, new layout and 3-season room, new windows and eavestroughs), none of it bring planned or by choice. I feel this is the final step before I feel comfortable selling our house. Now all we need is a home to buy. Sigh!

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