Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Basement painting!

Our home has a large finished basement. When we moved in, like the rest of our house, the walls were an outdated pale yellow. The worst part was that the previous owners had fixed a few nail holes and painted over them with a different outdated pale yellow, making the walls all patchy. In the stairwell, the baseboards, ceiling and rails were ALL painted that same yellow. Barf. Since we only use the basement for the laundry room (for now), repainting wasn't exactly on the top of our to-do list. In fact, we have completely repainted the upper two floors and it was the last thing to paint.

The tiles in the basement are my favourite tiles in the house (maybe the only ones that are really my style at all.) However, they are a greyish colour that could make the basement look cold. So, I picked a grey-brown color that brought out the warmer tones in the tile. We also made sure to paint the rails, baseboards and ceiling in the stairwell white. As for the rest of the baseboards, which are not white, we decided to leave them for now. We will see if we get around to painting them white, too. We might also one day get around to replacing all of the light switches and outlets. They are all mismatched and either a yellow-beige colour or a metal. I often have trouble understanding why these were ever installed! Unfortunately, these are throughout the house...

All in all, the paint definitely updated the look of the basement and I'm quite happy with it. It still looks a little barren, so eventually we will need to find a carpet and some better fitting furniture. For now, it works! 

If only there were some trick to magically make the bar look nicer...

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