Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Veganism update

As I mentioned in an earlier post (found here), Joe and I have started eating a plant-based diet.
It has been going so well!

I have to admit that for a while I had a few "cheat" foods that I would treat myself to once in a while. This included things like Dairy Milk chocolate bars, a donut at the market, or cake at a birthday. Since our main inspiration for eating plant-based was for health reasons, I felt like a little bit of animal product here and there wouldn't hurt, and felt justified treating myself.

Until I watched the film "Vegucated".

A friend of mine posted about it on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and I had to watch. It outlines the more ethical reasons for avoiding animal products. Oddly enough, although it was a bonus of our new lifestyle, animal rights were NOT on the top of my list for why I was choosing to eat this way. To be honest, I hadn't really looked too much into it. "Vegucated" showed scenes of factory farms, and completely changed my views. I haven't turned back and have completely cut animal products out of my diet since watching that film. I can't help but picture what I saw whenever I am faced with any type of animal product temptation. I even had some easter treats that were given to me in my pantry for a week, eventually giving them away. (For me...that is a big deal! I am a chocoholic...) The bonus of this is that I am feeling even healthier! As you can see by my cheat foods... they were all unhealthy treats. I have even been losing weight, which is welcomed for this new mama! (I have, however, discovered a few vegan friendly alternatives already... Lindt dark chocolate, anyone?!)

I plan on getting the book "Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer soon, as well, to further educate myself on eating a plant-based diet. I have been loving this new lifestyle, and love that I have time these days to really delve into it.

By the way... "Vegucated" happens to be on Netflix right now, so go ahead and watch it!

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