Monday, April 15, 2013

The Kitchen Saga Continues...

In my kitchen refacing reveal post, found here, I was very excited about the guy I found on Kijiji to do the job.

Today...less excited! You may also remember that I had mentioned a couple of cupboard doors had been mis-measured (see picture). The guy said he'd have them remade and ready in a week. Well, now it has been over a month!

I waited a week, and nothing. Then I sent about 10 e-mails, and called even more times leaving messages, and nobody responded. Just when I thought I was being screwed over, we got a call from the guys' son, who had some big story about how is Dad was no longer able to work and he was trying to tie up loose ends. (I failed to mention in my earlier post how these 'excuses' had made getting the cabinets installed the first time a frustrating experience, too). Although it was sketchy, I arranged for him to come today, at last, to install the cabinets.

Of course... he shows up late, and empty handed! Apparently the paint job isn't done. He asked if he could take the doors for reference, and I guess enough was enough. I told him I was extremely frustrated and he would have to leave the doors (I had a bad vision of him taking the doors and disappearing for good). He tiptoed out apologetically after taking a few last measurements, and said he'll be back tomorrow at 10:00 am. I will believe it when I see it. I might have also scared him away, since my ranting at him occured while I was also holding a screaming Henry.

The worst part of it all... I've been waiting around my house on this beautiful, sunny day! I guess I'd better get outside to let off some steam. Ahhh... I needed to vent! That feels much better.

All in all, I guess it has still been worth it. The kitchen looks good and was a great price. I need to focus on the positive! On that note, outside I go!

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