Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Henry at 3 months

Happy May 1st! Today marks 3 months of Henry! You know what that means... time for my monthly photo-bomb! I must say, he is adorable!

It has been the longest and quickest 3 months of my that possible? I mean to say that it's strange to think about life before Henry. It seems like he has been around forever! At the same time, I feel like it was just the other day he was born. I think I say that every month...

We think Henry weighs in at around 14 1/2 pounds these days (according to our scale), although he hasn't been officially weighed for a month, and we likely won't have him weighed again until his 4 month appointment. He's a big guy!

Henry loves going for walks in the carrier these days. We have been enjoying the nicer weather. He loves getting fresh air and checking out the neigbourhood. Although, he does get tired sometimes! We are very excited about the forecast for the next few days! It looks like it is going to be summery!

He also LOVES his Daddy. He is so happy every day when Joe gets home from work. They're a pretty cute pair!

We have been adjusting to life with a baby. I'm definitely feeling the lack of sleep and lack of "me-time". I did go out with my sister, Erin, the other day for a girls night and it felt so great. I am realizing I need to do that more often! (Thanks, Erin! I'm still feeling refreshed!) That being said, Joe and I bought a Yoga Wag-Jag and we are excited to book in some time away from Henry together.

All-in-all, he's a pretty great dude, and we love him, even when he's cranky!

There you have it!

pssssst... don't forget to check out his month-by-month photo here!

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