Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY projects

I have been searching the internet quite a bit lately for some neat DIY projects. I just love how there seem to be step-by-step instructions on almost anything you want to do...it makes being a DIY'er that much easier.

The thing I love about fixing things up or decorating myself (as opposed to hiring someone else or buying new) is that you can get great things by reusing the old and for a much more affordable price. Or you can build something yourself that looks expensive but actually cost much less.

For example, my recent table-refinishing project (yes, I have yet to do the final reveal as I am letting it cure until the weekend) was inspired by my love for Harvest Tables, such as this one, which has almost the same dimensions as my table:

To put the money savings of my DIY table in perspective, I will tell you that this Harvest Table is selling for $1695.00.

My table costs are as follows:

Table (Found on Kijiji after a couple of months of keeping my eyes open): $250
Stain/Finish in one: $18
Sandpaper: $12
Bristle brush: $8
Tack cloth: $2
Grand total: About $290.

That is about a $1400 difference. Whoa. And let's compare the tables:

Yep...pretty much identical. It took me about 7 hours total to do the table. Totally worth the work and the effort. Plus, there is something so incredibly rewarding about doing it yourself...

I have been pinning a lot of new ideas for DIY projects lately, such as this one that I found on House & Home:

It's a bunch of old Hankies displayed on a wall! It is so pretty! I would love to try this, so I am pretty sure I'll have my eyes out for hankies in my future thrifting. If you're interested in this project, find more info here.

To sum it up, the things that make DIY projects so great:
- They save you money
- They often require reusing, re-purposing or renewing used objects (as opposed to buying new)
- They give you a great feeling of pride when you're done!

The things that make DIY projects not so great:
- I often buy things with a DIY purpose in mind and never get around to it...or have it on my to-do list for a long time. (i.e. my beautiful hutch that is still sitting unpainted in my sunroom...)

Any great DIY projects you've done lately? Or found lately that you want to try? Or have been meaning to get around to?

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