Monday, September 9, 2013

Nursery inspiration

As you may have noted when I put up our house tour... Henry's nursery is in pretty immediate need of a facelift.

When we purchased our home, his nursery was used as an office and had huge shelves on the wall. Joe's brother helped us out by removing them on moving day. Unfortunately, the shelves left their mark.

Nursery before; With shelves
The nursery has definitely been on my mind lately, so I've been looking around online for some inspiration. While I liked our previous nursery, I had painted before I knew Henry was a boy... it was very neutral. While I am still considering a neutral colour, I am also thinking about something with a bit more personality. 
Henry's nursery in our last home
All of that being said, the colour that I have to work with (because of the accents I already have) is orange. While I'm thinking I don't want orange walls, I've been considering the following colour combos:

1. Orange and Mint: I love this combo. It is really nice and bright and would be a colour that I could easily work with, and that would flow really well in our home.

2. Orange and Navy: This would be a little more bold. And a little harder to change later. However, I love it! The only big problem is that I've been considering painting OUR room this colour. 

 3. Orange and Yellow: Our last house, which was painted entirely in yellow when we moved in, gave me a bit of an aversion to yellow paint. This nursery, however, is amazing! I love the yellow here.

I even found this mood board, which has SO many things in common with the items and themes I already have: The rug style, foxes, natural woods. The dresser even looks like Henry's dresser... but in yellow!
I'm starting to feel ready to narrow things down. I will keep you posted on what we decide!

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