Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Things That Didn't Get Blogged About

I would have thought that maternity leave meant that I would have oodles of time to blog. Well, I was wrong! Apparently, I also had trouble blogging during the last months of my pregnancy. I got so far behind on the list of things I wanted to blog about that I have almost stopped blogging altogether!

So, I've decided to put those things to rest. Instead of detailed posts on each project, I will simply put them all in this post so that I can move on, and blog as I wish from now on! 

1. Adding interest to our sitting room: We finally got around to putting up some art work, and bought a few colourful pillows and a purple throw to add some colour and tie things together. We also found an amazing teak table on Kijiji and added some lighting.

2. Painting the spare bedroom: This is still a very boring room. But, it is better than barfy yellow!

3. The nursery: While I still have a ton of ideas to add to the nursery, (now that we know that Henry is a He!), I didn't really show much of the nursery itself. This is what it looks like now... it still has a lot of work that needs to be done. For now, Henry is still sleeping with us in our room, so this is really a glorified baby-changing room.

4. Painting our bedroom: Apparently I don't have any great photos to show this... but we repainted our bedroom a soft blue. 

5. Our en-suite bathroom: We repainted (using up the leftover light blue paint from the bedroom), took out the ugly wall cupboard and replaced it with artwork, and added a new vanity. It is a huge improvement.


6. Updates to the sitting room: We have definitely livened up this room, and it has become my favourite place to hang out in the house!

We bought a nifty plant from Ikea, found an amazing original painting at a local thrift store, and found a great mirror to put over the liquor cabinet. 

7. Long before even moving into our current home, we bought this hutch for $45 at a thrift store. We had plans of repainting it. Then, it sat in our garage for months. Finally, we got around to painting it! Joe chose a shiny black, and we polished up the hardware to make it as good as new. It looks amazing! Now we just need to put things in it...


I'm pretty sure there are other things that I have forgotten. On another note... we are currently in the process of updating our kitchen cabinets. I'm pretty excited about it. I will (hopefully!) give the update on that soon!

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