Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2 1/2 weeks in...

It's hard to believe that Henry is already 2 1/2 weeks old! I feel like each day zooms by!

Things have been going pretty well. I think I have been surprised by how challenging the first weeks with a newborn really are. I wished away the end of my pregnancy without realizing how great it was! Not to say I am not thankful that Henry is here. I love him to pieces!!! He is the greatest thing ever, and Joe and I are amazed each day.

That being said, some of the greater challenges have been:

1. Healing physically: As you can imagine, pushing out an 8lb 4oz baby takes it's toll on your body. I think because of my quick delivery and  being a first timer, the damage was pretty severe. Luckily, I have the most wonderful and supportive husband, and he was off for the first 9 days. He definitely took care of me, Henry and our home. I am very grateful! By now, most of the pain is gone and I'm feeling pretty good. But I'm still taking it easy.

2. Breast feeding: Oh my! I was definitely anxious about breast feeding before giving birth. Rightly so! Breast feeding has definitely been the biggest challenge. Not only does it take a substantial amount of my day (feeding on and off all day, on demand), and make it so I have no routine or schedule at this point, but it hurts! I'm talking excruciating, tooth-grinding, grunting pain. It is extremely painful still and I'm going to see a lactation consultant this afternoon. I hope she works some magic because I need it... and so does Henry. Luckily, Henry has been feeding like a champ!

3. Lack of sleep: I know, I know... this is what everyone talks about. I have to say, I prefer the lack of sleep to number 1 and 2. Also, Henry has been pretty good at night for the most part, and we have been co-sleeping, which makes nights a lot easier. Still, there have been a number of fussy stretches through nights, so Joe and I have both been feeling it.

4. Lack of time: You'd think that being an at-home mom I would have lots of time to do things around the house and cook. And write on my blog. However... being at the beck and call of a newborn means very little time for anything else! It is amazing... poor Joe has been coming home and STILL picking up my slack. I can't wait for there to be more of a routine in place so that I can do more. The good news... it has given me lots of special time with Henry, and time to read :)

Despite the challenges, I couldn't be happier. Being a mum has been something I always looked forward to. Having a baby with Joe makes it even more special! He is the greatest Dad and Husband. I feel extremely fortunate. Plus, Henry is pretty darn adorable! He makes me smile and laugh out loud every day. I am one proud Mama. 

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