Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Crafting!

This past weekend, my Mum, my two sisters and I got together for a Christmas Crafting Girl's Weekend! 

Surprisingly... we actually got some Christmas crafts made. I'm especially excited about this since this is the first year Joe and I will be hosting my family for Christmas. I'm also having a friends' Christmas party, so I want to make sure my house feels festive!

Before the weekend, we got all of our ideas for crafting together on Pinterest.
The first craft we tried out was this one:

Instructions can be found here.

It was surprisingly easy... and with some tinsel from the dollar store and some cereal boxes, we made these bad boys! My sister and I may attempt to make a few more if time permits.

Next, we decided to try this one.


Luckily, my Mum's husband, Rick, has a massive and ridiculously well-stocked shop, so we had no problem preparing the wood. It turned out ok...not really my style and not sure how I'll hang it. We'll see!

Next, I had originally liked this idea, found here.


But when I started actually thinking about it... I remembered that Joe has a dislike for all word-art in homes. This may not work so well! So, I decided to give a silhouette of a reindeer a shot! I googled and sketched a picture... and used a dollar store canvas and dollar store paint. Not bad for about $3!

It may need another coat of gold paint, but I think it's a nice addition to my mantle...which will be more decorated this weekend :) 

Finally, my Mum had the great idea to make a greenery "swag" for our front doors. It was a last minute greenery-collecting-in-a-forest and throwing-it-all-together craft, but might be my favourite! With some more dollar store red berries, twist-ties and ribbon, it turned out pretty fancy on my front door! It is dark all the time these days, so these night shots will have to do.

I can't believe it is December this Saturday! I'm getting pretty excited for the upcoming holidays!
Hopefully this weekend I'll get around to posting our bathroom update!


  1. your swag is upside down....!! but the reindeer looks awesome on the mantel!