Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dirty Work

Since Joe and I were in Europe for the first two and a half weeks of our summer, we never seemed to get back on top of our gardening.

We pretended we were by keeping the front of the house acceptable...

But we were hiding our secret: the backyard was a disaster!

Point 1: Remember the 'lovely' fountain that graced our yard when we moved in?

Well, back in June, we posted it free on Kijiji and it was taken away, leaving us with a pile of dirt and rocks in the middle of our yard.

Yep, it has been like that since June. Ugh.

Point #2: The hedges in the back are out of control!!!!

Oh my!
The lawn was also starting to get out of control because of recent rain.
So, we decided to get down to business. Joe mowed the lawn while I pruned the hedges.
Don't they look pretty?

Then, we spent the afternoon moving the dirt pile. This was no small was huge!

It took over 30 wheelbarrow loads which we had to roll up the hill to the back of our yard. Joe kept me motivated by giving me some eye candy :)

And finally, we have it ready for some grass seed! Although Joe wants to plant a tree...and Mira thinks it's her own private kitty litter, so we have some figuring out to do.

Next on the list: Tackling the overgrown, wild garden. But it does feel good to have a few things done! Although this pregnant lady is paying for it today!

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